Yuhor is one of the leading companies in the field of meat industry in Serbia, with the longest business tradition, since 1902. year.

This obliges us to guarantee the production of quality, health-safe and nutritionally valuable products as key imperatives in our business. The standards that Yuhor as a manufacturer meets are a confirmation of the quality of our products. Our consumers are those who do not want to compromise the quality in the daily diet, as well as consumers who are looking for innovative recipes and flavors.

The entire production capacities of Yuhor are located in Jagodina, at the foot of the Juhor Mountain.

In addition to meat and meat products, since 2015. year we are also developing our retail network Yuhor Store.

Yuhor products are available to consumers in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Russia as well as the EU.

We achieve strength and stability through top quality of our products, modern production method and the application of the strictest business standards, providing consumers with security, trust and satisfaction.

In the meat industry, Yuhor is synonymous with tradition, safety, quality and innovation and these are the postulates that we will always follow.

Ever since
Retail stores throughout Serbia