Mission and vision

Our mission 
We produce meat and meat products of the highest quality, which account for a healthier life, good business results and employee satisfaction.

Our vision
To be a respectable and innovative company with a significant impact on the market movements and to supply a vast number of users with high-quality products that contribute to a better and healthier life.

Our values

The values we cherish in life and work: 

We are reliable
We appreciate integrity,  honesty,  sincerity, openness, optimism and respect for others, desire for personal growth and company growth. We foster team spirit and we are results-oriented.

We are loyal to our company and our brands
We are proud of the food we produce, we foster tradition and spread optimism.  By maintaining the quality of our products, we fulfil our customers’ requests, promote and introduce creative ideas and solutions, and preserve our reputation with passion and devotion.

We crave for knowledge and success
We are not afraid of challenges and we balance between short-term and long-term interests.  We keep learning, we are willing to admit our mistakes and learn from them. We never underestimate our competition.