Our capabilities

Yuhor Meat Industry is engaged in meat production and processing, meat trade, meat products and canned products.

Yuhor’s production capacity is 12,000 tons of meat products and 9,000 tons of fresh meat per year.

In the factory, the production of fresh meat is carried out, as well as the production of meat products.

Production facilities in Yuhor meet the most rigorous requirements regarding sanitary, technical and veterinary conditions. We continuously improve technological processes and raise the level of quality of products and processes. In 2019. year, with the construction of a new facility for the production of fermented products and the adaptation of the existing one, the production facility was increased by 3,000 square meters. In the new facility, equipment of leading German and English manufacturers (K + G-Wetter, Vemag Anlagenbau, Multivac, Loma Systems) was installed, and new smoking and ripening chambers were installed, as well as lines for vacuum and slice packaging.

Special emphasis is placed on the development of new products and modification of the assortment according to current market trends and consumer needs. The development of new segments and concrete products is based on the analysis of consumer needs, ways of use and consumption, market developments as well as global trends, in order to bring our assortment closer to the tastes and habits of consumers.